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Is your Business at a Dead End?

July 12, 2018





Are you feeling that your business is at a Dead End?

Businesses Needed in South Florida

Many business owners come to a point in their business life where they feel it is time to either sell or find an equity partner who can take their business to the next level.

If you are at this plateau It is crucial to understand your market value position as you prepare to sell or take in a partner for your Main Street business

Calculate Your Multiples

The valuation of any asset is an attempt to estimate the present value and the likelihood of future cash flows and compare it to other . The most common result for operating businesses is a multiple of EBITDA. For example, if a business has EBITDA of $1 million and the multiple is 3.5, then the valuation would be $3.5 million.

Depending on a company’s size, multiples of Main Street-sized transactions have averaged between 2.6X and 4.5X. The example valuation described above reflects the average multiple (3.5X) for EBITDA of $1 million.

Adjust Your Multiples

I have found the best way to achieve higher multiples is to create a Business Plan that not only enhances the existing value of the business, but also shows the potential of the business to a prospective Buyer.We create a Business Plan for your business to maximize the value of your business.This plan is created at No Charge and enables prospective buyers or partners to realize the future potential of the business you have built.

Our service is Confidential and no information is released about your business until a Non Disclosure Agreement is executed. All prospective Buyers/Partners are screened for financial ability prior to any meeting to ensure you are only meeting highly qualified prospects

We do not get Paid until you get Paid

Our approach helps you bypass the Dead End.

We offer a Complimentary Consultation to evaluate your options to sell your business or find an equity partner to grow your business.

Edward Sklar

Business Broker & REALTOR

United Realty Group


For Sale-Legendary P.R. Agency

May 4, 2018

For Sale-Florida based Public Relations Agency Full Service Public Relations & Talent Agency -Founder is a legendary P.R. Guru, and senior management has agreed to stay with company. Ideal acquisition for P.R., Advertising or Private Equity firm. Company has recently expanded offerings into Talent Agency and Video Production. This company is primed and ready for Massive Growth and to reengage Fortune 500 companies

Strategic Business Tips Feb.Update

February 23, 2018

via Strategic Business Tips Feb.Update

Florida Businesses for Sale

January 19, 2018

Featured Florida Businesses for Sale

Virtual Reality Immersive Marketing Platform

This early stage company has a Disruptive Platform that will change the way certain industries are evolving. They have Proof-of- Concept launches with brand name companies in Retail, Entertainment, Travel, and Real Estate. They are seeking a financial partner to grow the business to the next level with an investment of $3,000,000.
Virtual Reality Marketing Platform-$3,000,000

Sliding Glass Door Manufacturer

This Storm season has created a backlog for this 50 + year old company. They are doing over $2m in sales with No Sales or Marketing. This business is priced at $900k with owner financing available. Learn more at:
Sliding Glass Door Manufacturer-$900,000

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Strategic Business Tips from the Best Minds in Business

January 17, 2018

Edward Sklar
Business Broker South Florida

Jan 17, 2018
Advantages of hiring an accountant for your startup


When it comes to having and running a business, it is quite difficult to do so since there are many tasks that will have to be done that require a wide range of attributes and skill sets. Also, it is extremely important to …
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Should You Pay Your Sales People Commission or Salary? Here’s How to Decide
There’s more than one way to pay sales people. Here are the two key questions you need to answer before you decide which model to …

3 Ways To Be A Strategist, Not A Tactician
“You need to be more strategic.” Many aspiring leaders have heard this type of feedback during a performance review or after giving …

Sell Your Business/Equity Partner for your Business


Extensive database of Buyers actively looking for Businesses. Complimentary Business Plan to ensure maximum value for your Business. We Do Not Get Paid until you Get Paid. Buyers sign NDA and Proof of Funds Call/Text 561-504-9291
Business Broker South Florida for Me

Buy a Business South Florida


Our Database of Businesses for Sale has a Business for you. We assist in finding the best financing including Seller Financing, SBA, and using your Retirement Account. Call/Text 561-504-9291
Business Broker South Florida for Me

Why Corporate Culture Matters
There’s a lot of buzz about the word “culture” and what it means within an organization. A culture is built on a company’s mission …
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Here’s How to Beat the Odds With a Successful New Product Launch
The lead up to a product launch is one of the most exciting, yet daunting periods for a business. In the best-case scenario, a new …
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You Can Motivate Your Employees Without Creating a Hyper-Competitive Culture
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“As a compromise, you can keep your job but we’ll send your paycheck overseas.”
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What 1970s Ford model attracted controversy concerning the safety of its gas tanks and was spoofed in the film Top Secret in which gently tapping the rear bumper of the car causes it to explode?
See the answer below.
How to Grab Audience Attention at the Start of a Presentation
Standard public speaking advice goes something like this: Practice your presentation, make eye contact with your audience and keep …
The Startup Magazine
What Year Was It?

Boston Thieves Pull Off Historic Robbery

Boston Thieves Pull Off Historic Robbery

11 men steal more than $2 million from the Brinks Armored Car depot in Boston, Massachusetts. It was the perfect crime – almost – as the culprits weren’t caught until January 1956, just days before the statute of limitations for the theft expired.
The day was Jan 17. What year was it?

Quote of the Week
“If you can’t feed a team with two pizzas, it’s too large.”
Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and CEO
Trivia Answer
What 1970s Ford model attracted controversy concerning the safety of its gas tanks and was spoofed in the film Top Secret in which gently tapping the rear bumper of the car causes it to explode?
Answer: Pinto
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New Years Resolution-Buy a Business in Florida

December 31, 2017

via New Years Resolution-Buy a Business in Florida

New Years Resolution-Buy a Business in Florida

December 31, 2017

Weather and the new Tax Plan are making South Florida the best place to Buy a Business or Partner with an existing Business. We have many businesses available for sale in South Florida and our affiliated Real Estate firm can make your relocation to Florida a seamless event.

Please use our Search tool to find a Business for Sale in Florida
Browse Florida Businesses for Sale

As South Florida Business Brokers we have many options for Financing available including Seller Financing, SBA Loans, and using your Retirement account to purchase a business in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, or Miami area.

We have prepared a questionnaire which will enable you to evaluate which type of business is right for you and will have one of our South Florida Business Brokers work with you to evaluate your options in choosing the right business for you.

Please send inquiries to me at:

South Florida Business Broker announces client being acquired by public company

October 24, 2017

Edward Sklar, of the South Florida for Me team of United Realty Group has announced that a Boca Raton company he has listed is in talks to be acquired by a public company.

Sklar attributed the quick interest in this business to the Concierge Business Broker approach he has taken with businesses which includes limiting the amount of businesses he handles at any given time. Additionally, his unique approach of developing a custom business plan for each business he lists maximizes the value the business owner receives.

Business Broker South Florida

Please see full description of acquisition below:


iTeknik Holding Corporation (OTC: ITKH) in Acquisition

Talks with TransMedia Group /teknik-holding-corporation-otc-itkh-in-acquisition-talks-with-transmedia-group/


The Awarding Winning International PR firm TransMedia Group

The awarding winning, multi-lingual international PR firm TransMedia Group ( said it

is in discussions to be acquired by a public company, iTeknik Holding Corporation (OTC PINK: ITKH).

Serving clients worldwide since 1981, TransMedia Group has the strong market presence, brand awareness,

talented and dedicated staff that iTeknik finds attractive, said TransMedia Group CEO Tom Madden.

iTeknik is in the process of implementing a strategy

iTeknik said it’s expanding its acquisition strategy to include PR after meeting Madden, the “Spin Man” himself, and

seeing the amazing success his PR firm TransMedia Group ( has had in helping its

clients to grow and prosper.

iTeknik ( is in the process of implementing a strategy to acquire fundamentally sound companies

that are market accepted, scalable and demonstrate a quantifiable value proposition.


Fred Wicks, Chairman and CEO of iTeknik.

“Until recently, our focus has been to acquire companies involved in marketing, advertising and digital media, but

after meeting Madden and his stellar staff, we’ve added PR to the mix and were now in discussions with TransMedia

Group in that regard,” said Fred Wicks, Chairman and CEO of iTeknik.

“We could provide TransMedia Group with exemplary marketing, advertising and digital services for its clients.”

Press Release

Tom Madden founder of TransMedia Group in New York City

Madden founded TransMedia Group in New York City

soon after he left NBC, where he was Vice President,

Assistant to the President, then Fred Silverman, for

whom he worked previously at American Broadcasting


Among TransMedia’s first clients were AT&T, Kellogg’s,

Drexel Burnham Lambert and the City of New York, for

whom TransMedia created award-winning PR

campaigns, one promoting fair housing in the city that

earned TransMedia a coveted Bronze Anvil Award from

the Public Relations Society of America.

TransMedia helps client companies sell

for billions.

In 1987, Madden relocated the firm to South Florida

where today it operates out of a commercial building

Madden owns in downtown Boca Raton. One of his

former clients, Carl DeSantis credits TransMedia’s

publicity for increasing the nutritional supplement

company’s revenues from $150 million to over $900

million until DeSantis sold the public company for $1.6

billion. TransMedia’s publicity helped the stock of

another DeSantis company, Celsius Holdings Inc.

(CELH:US) to rise from $ .30 to $5.00. The company

today is on NASDAQ CM.

One of TransMedia’s growth areas is its newly-established talent and modeling division, TransMediaVersatileTalent

(TVT), which currently is signing many celebrities whom it will represent as their agent and manager. For rising

talent Lynn Aronberg, TransMedia arranged for her to be in the cast of upcoming reality show, Palm Beach

Housewives after booking her for interviews on FOX TV, Inside Edition and with Wasington Post and other media

outlets worldwide.


ITeknik Revenues Rising

Madden said he is impressed how iTeknik’s revenues are expanding. iTeknick’s revenues for the year ending June

30, 2017 were $1,144,925 vs. $952,149 for the year ending June 30, 2016.

iTeknik has transitioned from the Telecom industry to Marketing, Advertising and the digital media space with the

start-up of its Big Rhino Agency in January, which was able to increase its revenues by more than a hundred

percent, said Madden.

Wicks said he is looking to acquire companies that have the potential to achieve exceptional performance over time

with a focus on the Marketing, Advertising and Digital Media and now the Public Relations space.

iTeknik lends its operational support, management approach and financial resources to these companies to help

them achieve improvements in revenue, earnings growth and positioning in the marketplace.


Big Rhino Corporation added several Las Vegas based clients

iTeknik currently operates Big Rhino Corporation as a wholly owned subsidiary, while actively seeking additional


Big Rhino Corporation, a startup in January 2017, has increased its revenues by 101% through August. It has

expanded its business in Las Vegas by adding several automotive clients to its existing Arizona and California

dealerships. Big Rhino has also diversified into the medical and real estate markets.

“Our strategy is to tap the synergy among these acquisitions to maximize organic growth, improve profitability and

leverage client and supplier relationships,” Wicks said.

Wicks has substantial experience in marketing, holding positions such as Editorial Director for Creative Universal,

Director of Marketing Services for a $3 billion division of Rockwell International Corporation and worldwide

marketing responsibility for a $400 million division of Invensys Air Systems.

Wicks Marketing Group founded in 1990

He was also the CEO and President of The Wicks Marketing Group, Inc., a consulting company that he founded in

1990. He is a former Senior Vice President with the CompAir Division of Invensys Air Systems, where he had P & L

responsibility for $200 million in European and South American businesses.

Wicks also had responsibility for world-wide product management and engineering. He has a Bachelor of Arts in

Journalism and an MBA degree from Wayne State University in Michigan

Learn more about TransMedia rated as the “BEST PR FIRM IN SOUTH FLORIDA”


TransMedia Group’s Talent Division

Provides Oomph To Its PR Campaigns

For more information: contact Adrienne Mazzone 561-702-4999;


Baby Boomers Buying Businesses

August 20, 2017

Baby Boomers Dilemma-Buying a Business at your Age?


As a card carrying member of the Boomer generation and a South Florida Business Broker  I hear the stories of why business owners are selling their Florida businesses. Perhaps even more interesting is why so many Boomers are interested in Buying a Florida Business at this stage of their life.

Search Florida Businesses for Sale

This is because many Baby Boomers in Florida are too young to retire, and are facing age discrimination in the corporate world.  What is a better way to use your years of experience in the corporate world than to leverage your strengths  and buy a business in Florida?


An interesting tidbit is that those in the age group between 55-64 years of age form businesses at a higher rate than any other age group. Many people in this group have substantial retirement accounts but  realize that starting to use these funds too early makes retirement a tradeoff of trying to live life on a fixed and limited income.

Many people are realizing the cost of living in many places in the country does not enable a lifestyle that is conducive to quality of life that you have work so hard to achieve and why Florida has become a leading choice for those seeking a lifestyle change.


As a Boca Raton Business Broker I am primarily involved with South Florida businesses for sale which includes business listings in Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade Counties. However, my membership in the Business Brokers of Florida (BBF) gives me an opportunity to find businesses for sale throughout Florida.


Many people I have spoken with are not certain which type of business makes the most  sense for them which has prompted me to create a questionnaire to help narrow down the choices. If you have an interest in receiving a copy of this document send me an email  and I will be pleased to send it to you.






Many of the businesses we have available offer owner financing but


here are the most popular funding solutions we use to provide funding:

  • 401(k) Business Financing (Rollovers for Business Start-ups)
  • SBA Loans
  • Unsecured credit
  • Portfolio Loans



Please think about how secure you will feel in buying a business with established cash flow where your expertise can bring it to another level. All of our clients receive an opportunity to work with our team of professionals for assistance in areas such as legal, accounting, marketing, sales, and business planning.


For Sale/Partnership-Skin Cancer Diagnostic Lab Business

August 13, 2017

South Florida company has saturated local market with 14 Medical Laboratories placed in local Dermatology offices. This concept enables patients to receive Next Day Diagnosis to verify if their growth requires further action. The owner is seeking a Strategic Buyer/Partner who has the resources to grow this proven profitable business outside of this local area. Dermatologists are eager to place a lab in their office as it generates a substantial profit center from a small office (or even a closet). Also, patient satisfaction is enhanced by their ability to receive a rapid diagnosis instead of having to wait a week until the lab results come back from the external lab.

Please send your name, address, email, and phone to receive an N.D.A. and Offering Memorandum

Edward Sklar, Business Broker/REALTOR

South Florida for me/United Realty Group

Search Businesses for Sale in Florida